Canadian Festival Retreat • 12-13 June

Deepen your experience of the Festival teachings by attending this brief retreat. Guided by Gen Kelsang Suma, the retreat will offer an ideal opportunity to gain experience of how to use the Stages of the Path Prayer in meditation and in daily life. Through this we can stabilize the insights we have gained over the weekend and inspire ourselves to integrate them into our daily routine. The retreat will be based on the prayer booklet Heart Jewel.

Retreat Schedule

Monday 12 June

9.30-10.30am • Session 1

11.30am-12.30pm • Session 2

3.00-4.00pm  • Session 3

5.00-6.00pm  • Session 4


Tuesday 13 June

9.30-10.30am • Session 5

11.30am-12.30pm • Session 6