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About the Event

Open to everyone, the Canadian National Festival is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a spiritual break with like-minded people from around Canada. During this special Festival, Gen-la Dekyong, will grant the blessing empowerment of Buddha Manjushri who is the embodiment of the wisdom of all the Buddhas.

When wisdom is in our hearts, our mind is very clear, confident, and free from disturbing thoughts. Wisdom gives us clarity and insight and, like an inner spiritual guide, helps us to act thoughtfully, skillfully, and meaningfully in daily life. Since all our negative minds are based upon the opposite of wisdom – confusion – everyone needs to develop wisdom.

There is one type of wisdom that, through its realization, will permanently free us from mental pain – the source of our daily unhappiness. This wisdom, called “Emptiness”, is the profound realization that everything in our world exists as a mere appearance to our mind, like a dream. Through “waking up” to this truth, we will discover that the world is not as real as it appears, and this sacred knowledge of emptiness will liberate us from mental anxiety permanently.

This event is open to everyone. It will begin with the Blessing Empowerment of Wisdom Buddha Manjushri. This is a special Buddhist meditation practice whereby, through guided meditation and visualization, we can connect deeply with our own potential for inner peace, as well as receiving positive energy, inspiration, and authentic joy into our mind.

Public Talk at KMCC  •  Wednesday 3 June

Everybody is welcome.

7.30-9pm • With Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong

Everyone can find lasting happiness by developing a calm and peaceful mind. The meditation practices revealed in modern Kadampa Buddhism give us the power to actually achieve this. At this event, open to everyone, learn clear and effective methods that will make true happiness your everyday reality.