Last night, Gen-la introduced the very first Online Canadian Festival by listing the “great feast of Buddha’s teachings” we will be receiving over the next few days: an empowerment, teachings, meditations and a short retreat. He reminded us to not forget the great kindness of our holy Spiritual Guide, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche who inaugurated these national festivals.

He skilfully introduced the basic Buddhist view that happiness is not to be found in external conditions but that happiness is an inside job.

“External conditions can only make us happy if we have a peaceful mind.”

“We begin to understand that happiness is an inside job, it is something that we have to do for ourselves from the inside. And we do this through learning how to meditate ” Gen-la said. The ability to be happy is within us. Our main obstacle to being happy all the time is the presence of delusions in our mind, principally, our self-grasping ignorance.

For the remainder of the teaching, Gen-la expanded on one of the most profound teachings that Buddha gave, the wisdom realizing emptiness. Already in this introduction we heard about mistaken appearances, self-grasping ignorance and emptiness. What will the rest of the Festival be like!

This morning, we get to enjoy a meditation on the emptiness of our body as explained by Gen-la at the end of the teaching. This will be guided by Guèn Kelsang Delek. It will be followed by the blessing empowerment of Buddha Manjushri and a commentary to its practice “Treasury of Wisdom”. The day will finish with a Wishfulling Jewel Puja with tsög. Indeed, what a feast!

Enjoy the festival!

The things that I normally see in dreams do not exist. This proves that the things that I normally see while awake do not exist, Since both of these things are equally mistaken appearance.

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When the teaching is online, the Teacher is always looking straight at YOU. How appropriate, since all Dharma is meant as personal advice. One Teacher reflected in a thousand computers, like the moon in all the lakes of the world… or one Buddha in the minds of all living beings. Also a good reminder that I need to practise Dharma where I am, right now.

K. Wangdu, Ottawa


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