The last day of teachings began with a lovely meditation guided by Kelsang Chöyang. It was an opportunity to put into practice the commentary we received the day before on the sadhana ”Treasury of Wisdom”.

Gen-la then gave two very profound teachings on the true nature of things; emptiness. Quoting Venerable Geshe-la’s words from How to Transform your Life and New Heart of Wisdom in particular, he helped us to discover or deepen our understanding of emptiness by elaborating on the five types of wisdoms.

Gen-la encouraged us to contemplate deeply how the things we normally see – inherently existent things – do not exist. He explained that all phenomena are included within eight categories: production, disintegration, impermanence, permanence, going, coming, singularity and plurality, to help us see how phenomena do not exist from their own side but are rather dependent-related.

He explained conventional truths – especially subtle conventional truths, ultimate truth and finished with the union of the two truths, Buddha’s ultimate intention. Skilfully using many practical examples throughout: clouds in the sky, rainbows, blue of the sky, magician, actor, he concluded with making these teachings meaningful to our daily life.

Thank you Gen-la for this great feast of delight!

We concluded the day with a wonderful online community get together where more than 60 people joined to share their best part of the festival! How nice to connect with each other!

Today and tomorrow, we will engage in seven retreat sessions with Gen Kelsang Chögyan in order to immediately apply what we have learned and maintain the continuum of blessings of Manjushri.

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During the empowerment, when Gen-la said Manjushri enters through the crowned chakra and descends into our heart, I felt my daugther move quickly.

-Mia would you rather play?
-Noooo, I watch Manjushri arrive! (see picture above)

Then another photo, proudly celebrating with her wisdom sword and (imagined) oupala.
And then I smiled. I need this. Here is Geshe-la making sure I remember, Emptiness may be a profound subject, but “practice like a child at play.”

Thank you Geshe-la, Gen-la and Sangha for this Canadian Festival.

Mia & France, KMC Montreal


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