That’s it for this year’s very first Online Canadian Festival! Please enjoy the extra week to watch your favorite moments again and to deepen your experiences in meditation. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

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Thank you for sharing with us your Festival insights and helping us feel connected during this festival. See you next year!

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Judi : ‘’I found this last teaching quite profound. I’ve heard many teachings on emptiness but for some reason I seem to really understand conventional truth. I don’t know why; I thought I did before but it seemed to me it just went in a lot deeper – you know, mere name is just imputation – I got that before, I thought, but it seemed to be a much deeper level. I found it very, very moving, particularly this last one.’’

Alex : ‘’I started Kadampa more or less this year and it’s been an amazing journey. Just wanted to share an experience I just now had. I took a walk after our last teaching and I looked at everything around as an emanation of emptiness. It’s amazing how much more blissful and wonderful and colourful everything looked around me. It’s so nice to get these amazing teachings. They say that Festival is a feast – boy is it ever a feast!’’

Gen Rigden : ‘’When Gen-la was saying ‘Imagine being a qualified meditator single-pointedly absorbed in emptiness’ and all those qualities we can have; and it was nice to think that I can imagine being that meditator, as opposed to thinking, ‘I am not that meditator’. I was inspired.’’

Mélodie : ‘’One thing that touched me, at the beginning, when Gen-la just said that he will read again and again the sentences, “The things that I normally see in dreams …” and just saying that – normally we skip that part because it’s in the introduction of the book – and for me it was a good reminder that there’s treasure in these parts of the books that we can skip. So I was really happy to memorize that whole sentence.’’

Roberta: ‘’I am so happy to see all of you! There’s so many people I haven’t seen in soooo long, and I’m just feeling so wonderful to see you. Because being a Kadampa is about being in a community and our community is larger than our own Centre. ‘’


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