First Festival?

Is this your first time attending a Kadampa Festival? Welcome! Our annual Canadian National Festival is a special event where people come together from all across Canada to enjoy meditations, teachings and connect with spiritual friends. If you’ve never attended a Kadampa festival before, see below for some useful information regarding the event.

Festival FAQs


Is the Festival appropriate for beginners?

Yes! What is so ingenious about Buddha’s teachings is that they can be heard and understood at many levels, and therefore can appeal to a great variety of people regardless of their experience. Whether you know a little about Buddhism or nothing at all, the Festival is designed to touch your heart.


How is each day structured? 

The Festival starts with welcome and introduction on Friday evening. The main event, the empowerment blessing ceremony, is on Saturday morning, followed by teachings from Saturday afternoon to Sunday. Monday and Tuesday are dedicated to retreat days where there is a greater emphasis on meditation and taking the teachings more deeply into our hearts and minds.